Abildgaard Design – The reason why we sponsor

Abildgaard Design – The reason why we sponsor
December 19, 2018 Patricia E

Abildgaard Design – The reason why we sponsor

Why have you chosen to sponsor the Nordic Salon Design of the Year category?
We want to be in the hot spot, which makes Nordic Hair Awards and Expo an obvious opportunity for us. We believe that we can contribute with creative, clever and alternative salon designs. By being the sponsor of the Nordic Salon Design of the Year category, we are getting an opportunity to show that design and creativity doesn’t have to be neither expensive nor difficult to achieve.

Why is Nordic Hair Awards important for the industry?
It is important that there is a place for hairdressers to find all the latest news gathered, and a place where they can get inspired by the latest trends in the industry – all at once.

What do you do to boost the level of Nordic hairdressers?
We try to always stay up to date on the latest trends. By doing so, we can inspire and guide hairdressers the best possible way regarding inventory, interior design and creative design.

What can the hairdressers expect from you during the event?
The hairdressers can expect an exhibition stand with new ideas for the interior design of salons. We care a lot about making it possible to customize the design for every single salon and at the same time keeping the inventory functional and ergonomic to work with. Furthermore, we would like to introduce the hairdressers to Maletti inventory which can be customized to the individual salon as well, with their wide selection of design, leather and textile types. At Nordic Hair Awards and Expo we will be ready to help and guide you with any questions you may have, as well as we will present news and exclusive offers on the day. We will be available with our professional team of designers, sales consultants and architects who can help out with new and alternative solutions for all types of salon.

Abildgaard Design is a design and production company that consists of a creative and professional team with its own designers and architects.
Everyone in the company has many years of experience in the hairdressing industry and are therefore able to create the most optimal solution for your salon. We decorate and design with the customers’ needs in mind and we can make special designs to utmost competitive pricing. We work with Maletti which is a leading distributor of a wide selection of inventory for hairdressers, cosmetologists and the wellness industry. Therefore, we can furnish stores and salons complete