Welcome, barbers!

Welcome, barbers!
May 9, 2019 Alexandra M
Barber Activities at Nordic Hair Awards

We haven’t forgotten about the barbers!

It will never be a proper hair event without beards and barbers – That’s a fact!

We’ve therefore made sure that there are plenty of things to do, not only for hairdressers, but also for barbers. Immediately when you enter the venue there will be a huge platform, dedicated only to barber brands, beards, barbers and grooming. In this area you have the opportunity to meet 9 barber brands (see the list beneath) that have come to show you the newest trends, products and techniques in the grooming industry.

Furthermore, the first ever Copenhagen Barber Battle will take place during the day. This will consist of four battles where eight talented Nordic barbers will compete – man against man – in the raw and tough battle area. The four winner from the battles advance to the finals, which will take place on Main Stage in the late afternoon. Don’t miss the chance to see the talented barbers charm the audience as they show their skills live!

As this wouldn’t be enough, all barber interested (both experienced and newbies) have the opportunity to see two very talented barbers during Barber Surprise on Live Stage. Adee Phelan, founder of SKNHEAD and multi award-winner from UK, together with Damien Ballinger, International Sales Manager at Bearded Chap and all the way from Australia, will take you through an hour of barber inspiration and education.  Due to limited capacity, there is only limited number of tickets. The tickets only cost 99 DKK, so hurry up before they’re sold out!


We can’t wait to enjoy this barber party with you guys!


Barber suppliers and the Expo:

Barber Supplier
Mr Bear Family
Beard Brother
Golden Beards
Anchor Jack
MediGroup (Barberbladet/Feather)
The Bearded Chap