7 tips to create a winning picture

7 tips to create a winning picture

Annie Ankervik, one of the jury members from Nordic Hair Awards 2019, and her photographer, Linda Andersson, share their best tips for a successful competition photo.

1. Take all your creative ideas and break them down into one, so that there isn’t too much of everything.

2. Be true to yourself throughout the whole process. Follow your own instinct and don’t think about what the jury would like. In that way, no matter the result, you will be proud of what you have created.

3. Gather a team of competent people who can contribute with their expertise. It’s your vision that is created but at the photo shoot, you can’t focus on everything. Through collaboration, dialogue and by giving each other creative space, everyone involved can get a lot of experience and material from the photo shoot.

4. Choose a perceptive photographer. The photographer’s ability to see the full picture and interpret your ideas in a way that you are comfortable with is important. The photo shoot doesn’t have to be in a studio, but the photographer should have knowledge about lightning to be able to portray the colour nuances in the right way. Try different lightings and find the one that suits the specific hairstyle the best.

5. Choose the right model. For us, it’s not about finding the prettiest model, but a model with character and the ability to convey the feeling you want to express in the picture.

6. Create a mood board to visualize your inspiration. Expand the mood board to communicate your inspiration and the feeling that you want to express in your picture to the other members of the team. Note that the mood board is inspiration, not instructions.

7. Think through all the steps and details before the photo shoot. Through being well prepared you can be creative on set. Even though you have planned and decided everything beforehand a lot will change during the photo shoot and that’s when it’s important to stand on solid ground.

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