Creademic – The reason why we sponsor

Creademic – The reason why we sponsor
January 9, 2019 Alexandra M

Creademic – The reason why we sponsor

Why have you chosen to sponsor Nordic Hair Awards?
For Creademic, it’s a matter of course to be part of such a fantastic and necessary initiative as Nordic Hair Awards. Especially since we in the industry for a long time have been longing for an unpolitical event that honors the true talents in the Nordic region.

Why is Nordic Hair Awards important for the industry?
As mentioned above, it is important for the industry to organize an event that is not based on politics and internal interests but an award show that impartially elects those who deserve to be acknowledged, and that are chosen by the industry, the public and an experienced jury. We have been lacking an event like Nordic Hair Awards for several decades and there has never existed an event on this level – It’s time!

What do you do to boost the level of Nordic hairdressers?
As part of our DNA, Creademic has always focused on education and the development of the individual hairdresser. We have, based on this, developed a system called “Creademic system” that helps hairdressers and the industry to empower themselves, and by that also boosting themselves and the industry. The only way to succeed in this industry is through the development of the individual hairdresser and their professionalism, which finally can be celebrated through Nordic Hair Awards.

Why should hairdressers compete?
Because this is a unique opportunity to expose their work on a Nordic and international platform, which could be a big step for personal development.

What can the hairdressers expect from you during the event?Creademic will be a solid supporter of Nordic Hair Awards, before, during and after, and we will be physically present at the event with both shows and various happenings. And together with our amazing partner Hair Magazine, we will of course make the biggest shout-out to the industry about Nordic Hair Awards!

The backbone and the fundamental character of our spirit and culture in Creademic, is that we are uncompromising, carefully selecting the members of our education and creative team. Our working method is based on Creademic System® and many years of experience in educating hairdressers. Creademic System® is a unique system that will lead you through a world of precision cutting, and the philosophy behind Creademic System® is: learn from true knowledge and truly understand it. This gives you the opportunity to achieve an incomparable understanding of your work.