DJ Jean Von Baden

DJ Jean Von Baden
May 27, 2019 Alexandra M
Jean Von Baden is playing at Nordic Hair Awards 2019

Jean Von Baden will be playing at Nordic Hair Awards 2019!

You guys deserve nothing but the best!

We are working very hard to make Nordic Hair Awards and Expo into the most incredible day for all of you fantastic hairdressers. We are therefore very proud to present the DJ for the upcoming award ceremony and party – no less than one of Denmark’s most famous DJ’s – Jean Von Baden!

Jean Von Baden has played on several royal parties, uncountable beach clubs and huge events all over the world; P.Diddy MTV Awards after-party, Michel Phelps’ celebration party at the Olympics at Beijing, and David Guetta & British American Tobacco just to mention a few.

Jean Von Baden has great expertise in designing his DJ-sets after every specific crowd, and we are certain that he will make Nordic Hair Awards 2019 to an even more festive evening than ever imagined.

Let’s party!