• May I compete with the same look/hairstyle in different categories?

    No, you may not compete with the same look/hairstyle in different categories, not even if the pictures look different. You may use the same model, but if you are lucky enough to become a finalist in more than one category, you may have to find a new model to the final (if you are competing in the the four live-competition categories).

  • Can I compete with different pictures in the same category?

    No, you may not submit more than one look in each category.

  • May I compete with pictures that have already been published?

    Only in Editorial Stylist may the pictures have been published prior the competition. All pictures must have been created during the past year and not earlier than 15th January 2018.

  • May I compete in several different categories?

    Yes, but only with different looks and pictures. You may not submit the same picture in multiple categories.

  • How do I compete in the category Nordic Hairdresser of the Year?

    This is not a category where you can actively choose to compete in. The competitor, from the categories Women’s, Men’s, Avant-garde and Colour Technician, with the highest score from the jury after the live competition will be appointed Nordic Hairdresser of the Year.

  • How many pictures do I have to submit?

    This differs from category to category. Please read the rules for the specific category carefully, so that you upload the right number of pictures for your preferred category.

  • Where do I find the rules for all the categories?

    By clicking into the category of your choice on “Categories & Rules” you will find the rules both in English and in your local language.

  • In which categories will the finalists be found trough online voting?

    For the categories Women’sMen’s, Avant-garde and Colour Technician, one of the two finalists will be selected through a public online voting. The second one will be selected by the jury.For the categories Editorial StylistSalon Design and Young Talent the finalists will solely be selected through public online voting.

  • In the category “Nordic Colour Technician of the Year”, do you only have to recreate the colour live, or also the cut?

    You should have prepared the cut and colour before you come to the event but there will be wash facilities at the venue if you need it.

  • Does everybody compete at the same time? What if someone is competing in more than one category?

    No, the four live competitions are right after each other so even though there will be more work for someone who is a finalist in two categories, it should be possible to manage due to the fact that you can prepare everything on beforehand.

  • How long time do I have to recreate my look at the live competition?

    You basically have as much time as you want to finish the hairstyle, but you should leave maybe 10 minutes of work for the live presentation (the first category presentation is between 10.00-11.30). During the presentation you will be working on the final touches on your model, showing the audience and the judges your creation for approx. 1 h 15 min and then there will be a short catwalk with all the models in the category.

  • When is the live competition?

    The live competition is on 9th June 2019 during Nordic Hair Awards in Copenhagen. If you are a finalist, we will book a hotel room for you and your model. You will have to arrange for transportation to and from Copenhagen on your own.

  • In which categories will the finalists compete live?

    In Women’sMen’s, Avant-garde and Colour Technician.

  • When is the last day to submit my entry for the competition?

    You can upload your entry for the competition until midnight on 15th February.

  • How do I submit my entry? Can it only be done digitally, or can it be sent by post?

    Submitting the entry for the competition can only be done digitally. It is done by using the form  here: https://nordichairawards.com/submission/


  • Will there be electricity at the stand?

    Yes, all stands will be provided with electricity.

  • Where can we book furniture our stand?

    In the start of 2019 we will send all exhibitors a catalogue from where stand furniture can be booked.  This furniture will be at your stand when you arrive on the 8th or 9th June.

  • Can we buy additional entry tickets to our employees?

    Yes of course! Contact us to get the exhibitor discount. Find contact information here.

  • When can I remove my exhibition stand?

    Furniture may not be removed during the event when the fair closes. Products and smaller items may be removed but the removal of the rest must be done the day after the event, on Monday 10th June 2019 from 08.00 to 14.00. Companies who have not removed personally owned furniture by 14.00 pm on Monday will be fined.

  • When do I get access to prepare my exhibition stand?

    To be able to prepare your exhibition stand you will get access to the venue already the day before, on Saturday 8th June 2019 from 13.00 to 20.00, and two hours before the event starts on Sunday 9th June, from 08.00-10.00. The stand has to be ready for display at 10 am, on Sunday 9th.

  • How can I become an exhibitor at the Nordic Hair Expo?

    To book a stand at the trade fair you must contact our office. See contact information here.

  • Is there wifi at the venue?

    There will be wifi available at the venue.

  • Is parking available?

    Parking is available at the venue.


  • When will the celebration party start?

    The celebration party will start straight after the award show at about 22 pm. The Nordic Hair Awards evening show starts at 18 pm.

  • Why should I visit Nordic Hair Awards?

    Nordic Hair Awards is a professional meeting point for the whole hairdressing industry, highlighting the hairdressers and raising the level of the craft in all of the Nordic countries. You will experience a professional trade fair, exciting live competitions, spectacular international and local performances, business networking opportunities, an amazing award show and not least an unforgettable celebration party. It is a event you do not want to miss!

    It is also a great opportunity to celebrate whitsun with your colleagues – make it into an office party!

  • Where can I get a hotel in Copenhagen?

    Now you can get 20 % off on hotels – book before 31st December.

    If you are travelling to Copenhagen (or if you would like a stay-cation), a hotel room could come in hand. In collaboration with Nordic Hair Awards, ARP-Hansen Hotel Group offer you a discount on your stay in Copenhagen between 8th-11th June 2019, on selected hotels. The offer includes Wakeup Hotel Carsten Niebuhrs Gade, Copenhagen Island and Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center. All three hotels are within one kilometre from the venue. Read more about how to book hotels here.

  • Where do I buy tickets?

    You can get your ticket here.

    If you want to book more than 10 tickets you can contact us and get a group ticket discount.

    See contact information here.

  • Do you have to be a hairdresser to join the event?

    The Nordic Hair Awards and Expo is mainly for hairdressers and people in the industry.

  • Is the venue handicap accessible and handicap toilets available?

    Most areas at the event are handicap accessible and handicap toilets are available.

  • Who is the event for?

    Nordic Hair Awards and Expo is for hairdressers and distributors in the hair and beauty business.

  • Is parking available?

    Parking is available at the venue.

  • Where will the event be?

    In Copenhagen, Denmark – more detailed information will be released soon.

  • What is included in the ticket?

    Nordic Hair Expo – A professional trade fair with suppliers from the hair and beauty business.

    Nordic Hair Awards Live Competitions and Main Stage performances.

    Nordic Hair Awards show, evening entertainment and celebration party.

    Mingle dinner and drinks at the Nordic Hair Awards Show in the evening. Se full menu.

    Everything above is included in your event ticket. Secure your ticket now.


  • When will the award show start?

    The Nordic Hair Awards show and party starts at 18.00 pm and ends at 02.00 am.

  • When is the live competition?

    Nordic Hair Awards Live Competitions and Main Stage performances will be between 10.00 – 18.00. A more detailed schedule will be published on the website before the event.

  • When is the trade fair?

    Nordic Hair Expo will be open between 10.00 am – 18.00 pm.

  • Is dinner included at the event?

    The mingle dinner and drinks at the Nordic Hair Awards Show in the evening is included in the event ticket. Se full menu. There is no food included during the day.

  • How do I get to the event?

    The venue will be located close to the center of Copenhagen and easy to access either by car, train or bike.

    We are working on getting a shuttle service from Copenhagen Central station to the hotels, the venue and back regularly during the day.

  • Can I book a meeting with any of the distributors during the fair?

    It depends on the distributor. Contact them directly and ask. You can find a list of all the distributors that will be at Nordic Hair Awards here.

  • What/where can I eat at the fair?

    During the day there will be food trucks at the venue, where you can get lunch, snacks, coffee and drinks at additional cost.

  • I do not understand Danish, is that a problem?

    No, everything will be in English and there will be exhibitors and performances from all the Nordic countries.