For exhibitors

Reserve a stand

We believe that a fair should be open and welcoming, and we have therefore chosen to only have round carpets without any walls at all stands. Having an open stand without back-or side walls makes the stand more approachable and relaxed for the visitors. If you find it difficult to furnish the round stand, you can find inspiration here.

We have 3 different sizes to choose from:

⌀3m – 7.1m2 – Price from DKK 7.900 (4 tickets included)

⌀4m – 2.6m2 – Price from DKK 12.600 (6 tickets included)

⌀5m – 19.6m2 – Price from DKK 19.600 (10 tickets included)

The stands are placed in one of the 3 different fair zones, the price will vary depending on what zone the stand is in. See the preliminary floorplan and the zones here.

Special fair-packages

When you buy a stand, a carpet, few tickets and free Wi-Fi is always included. But for the exhibitor who wants more we have created special fair packages with multiple products and discounted offers. The packages include different value adding products such as; ads in Hair Magazine, story in our newsletter or extra tickets. We would love to tell you more about the packages and find one that suits your needs.

Venue & exhibitor floorplan

The setting for Nordic Hair Awards & Expo 2020 is once again the raw and rustic facilities of Lokomotivværkstedet, close to the bohemian Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Lokomotivværkstedet is a huge facility with over 10.000 sqm and a capacity of around 3.500 people. Below you can see a draft of the floor plan for 2020. We have capacity of approx. 115 stands in different sizes for our exhibitors.

Zones (new!)

This year we have divided the exhibition area is divided into 3 zones, the price of your stand will vary depending on what zone the stand is in. The zones are based on the attractiveness of the placement, this is based on feedback from last year’s exhibitors. The most desirable placement is zone 3 and the lowest in zone 1, and the price is accordantly.

Address: Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København SV

8 reasons why you should exhibit

Have you still not decided if you should exhibit at Nordic Hair Expo 2020? Here are 10 good reasons why you should join!

1. Be a part of the nr 1 meeting point for the hairdressing industry in the Nordics

Nordic Hair Awards and Expo is the only Nordic trade fair for the professional hairdressing industry. We have made it easy for you by gathering everything under one ceiling in one day, with thousands of Nordic hairdressers visiting and the best from the industry exhibiting. Last year we had more than 80 exhibitors and this time we are expanding even more, you do not want to miss this!

2. Strengthen the contact with your current customers

It can be hard to coordinate meetings and make time to see your current customers face-to-face, especially when there is a geographical distance. Nordic Hair Expo is a great opportunity meet your current customers all at one place. Make sure they all attend by inviting them to visit your stand at a certain time, then you also know that you have enough time to talk to them properly.

3. Find new customers and get sales leads

Thousands of hairdressers will visit the fair, therefore having a stand is an excellent chance to meet new potential customers. Showcase your products live and get new leads for your business.

4. Meet new people and extend your network

Nordic Hair Awards and Expo is a perfect opportunity to meet new colleagues and potential business partners from the industry. At the evening award show you can mingle and meet likeminded people from the Nordics over a drink in a relaxed environment.

5. Keep updated with the newest developments in the industry

Do you want to stay on top of your competitors? At Nordic Hair Expo you can experience the newest product launches and innovations, and see the latest trend shows. Join the fair and keep up to date with the trends in the industry.

6. Meet new potential distributors and extend your business over seas

Are you thinking of expanding your business and taking it overseas? At Nordic Hair Awards you can meet potential new distributors from other countries who can help you get your product into new markets.

7. Don’t miss out of the party of the year

After a wonderful evening with the guests took the celebration to the dancefloor and danced until early morning. Invite your colleagues and customer for an evening they won’t forget, and join the sharing of memories at the watercooler the following day.

8. Because we made many updates from last year!

  • The event will NOT take place on a bank holiday weekend this year.
  • We will have less shows during the day to create more traffic in the expo area.
  • We will have an official break between the expo and the award show.
  • Instead of only having one type of ticket, there will be an Expo ticket, an Award ticket and an Expo & Award ticket
  • There will be more food and coffee trucks available.
  • We will have a stronger focus on sustainability wherever it is possible.
  • The exhibitor information will be sent out much earlier prior to the event.
  • Barber area will not be separate, but mixed with other stands
  • We will have more seating for lunch and dinner

…and much more!