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Are you considering making your visit to Nordic Hair Awards and Expo into a weekend trip to Copenhagen? With all there is to see and do in the city that is a great idea. We’ve collected some recommendations for your trip to ensure a real Copenhagen-experience.

Bike heaven

Copenhageners love their bikes. Not only has the city been ranked the world’s top cycling city several times, it is also one of the few city centers in the world where there are more bikes than cars. Wherever you go the streets are extended with separate lanes for bikers. There is even an 8 km long pure cycling track that crosses the west part of the city, with only seven intersections in total. Biking is definitely the easiest way to discover the city of Copenhagen and to get the real Copenhagen experience.

Cultural experiences

If you have an interest in culture, Copenhagen offers lots of entertaining sights and buildings. The city has a rich history, an interesting culture and loads of beautiful art and design. Not only can you have a look at several beautiful castles in the inner city, you can also watch the daily change of the guards. If you want a deeper art and history experience you can visit the The National Museum, the Royal Danish Library, Glyptoteket, Christianborg Castle or maybe even take the trip up north to the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Food mecca

Copenhagen has more to offer that just smørrebrød (typical Danish open sandwiches) and Carlsberg beer. The city has recently grown into a gastronomic Mecca with many good restaurants to please everyone’s taste buds and budgets. Not only are there all kinds of restaurants and cafés, there are also several Michelin restaurants in the city. To get the real Copenhagen experience you should pay one of the food markets a visit. There are various food markets on different locations around the city, both in form of open-air street foods (Reffen and The Bridge’s Street Kitchen to mention a few) and fancy indoor food halls (like Torvehallerne and Tivoli Food Hall).


It’s not New York, but it is a city that never sleeps. In Copenhagen you can always find a party. The city center is full of bars, pubs and nightclubs in all sizes and genres. The city is home of some high-class cocktail bars where you can get the finest drinks, sometimes at hidden locations. Right outside of the center you also find the so-called Meatpacking District which is famous for its various bars and clubs. Bars and pubs are found in all parts of the city – The night is always young in Copenhagen!


For the restless soul, Copenhagen invites to several amusing grounds. The city theatre is parted up in three impressive buildings with full schedules of operas, ballets and theaters. Right in the center you find Tivoli, a super cozy amusement park, where you can ride rollercoasters or just walk around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. If this isn’t enough, the world’s oldest operating amusement park, Bakken, is just a train ride away from Copenhagen. If you prefer keeping your feet on the ground (or underneath) The Blue Planet offers a tour in their giant and impressive aquarium. It’s definitely worth a visit! Not your cup of tea? In that case Visit Carlsberg invites to a guided tour in their brewery. The tour of course ends with a beer or two in their own bar.

A city by the waterfront

Copenhagen’s charm is built on the water surrounding and infiltrating the city. At Amager, about 5 km from the city center, you find a big sand beach where people lie packed like sardines during the summer. Closer to the city you have several harbor baths where you can go for a swim. One way to discover the meandering canals in the city center is by going on one of the famous canal tours, or maybe even by renting a boat, kayak or canoe. If you just want to have a drink by the water Nyhavn, Ofelia Plads and Kayak Bar are great places to do so. One thing is for sure – as soon as the sun comes out, all citizens of Copenhagen move towards the water. Beaches, bridges, quaysides, waterfront restaurants instantly get crowded with people searching for “hygge”.

Nature experience

Not a “big city person”? Don’t worry, Copenhagen offers intimacy and a lot of beautiful nature, both in the city and close by. King’s Garden, the Botanical Garden and Christiania are all central parks that offer green spaces and lovely nature. The best way to explore the nature of Copenhagen, both parks and waterfronts, is as mentioned before, by bike. Just a short train ride from the city you reach the wonderful woods of Dyrehaven and if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of deer during you picnic!


High fashion, cheap bargains, second-hand, local and international brands, Danish design – you name it. Copenhagen has it all. On Strøget, the most famous (and crowded) street of Copenhagen, you’ll find a great variety of stores in all price ranges. If the weather does not allow outdoor walking, the shopping centers Fisketorvet, Frederiksberg Centret and Fields are located not far from the city. For more specialty boutiques and local brands, the cozy streets of Nørrebro invites to a different and intimate shopping experience.

Text: Alexandra Malmborg

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