Hair and Body Care – The reason why we sponsor

Hair and Body Care – The reason why we sponsor
December 13, 2018 Cecilia

Hair and Body Care – The reason why we sponsor

Why have you chosen to sponsor the Nordic Young Talent of the Year category?
Hair and Body Care Nordic supports young talents who dare to be different and fight to become the best in the beauty business. We celebrate people who dare to think out of the box and are targeted and determined to be successful. It’s important to celebrate hairdressers for their creativity and talent. Hair stylists need to be put on a pedestal for their amazing approach to people and hair industry. 

Why is Nordic Hair Awards important for the industry?
We take great pride in educating and exploring new trends. We believe that knowledge is the key to success. Nordic Hair Awards is a great opportunity to honor the people who are doing something special for the industry. 

What do you do to boost the level of Nordic hairdressers?
We believe that a good partner in the business of hairdressing is a partner who supports and updates the salon with their products and gives them more knowledge to expand their own business. That’s why we at Hair and Body Care always focus on educating and inspiring our clients with products that are up to date with the time we live in. 

Why should hairdressers compete in the Nordic Young Talent of the Year category?
We believe that you have to challenge yourself every day. By doing this you always have a target to become better and better. The Nordic Young Talent of the Year is a perfect opportunity to do so. 

What can the hairdressers expect from you during the event?Hair and Body Care Nordic will attend with three different stands showing our great brands; Hårologi, Waterclouds and Nordic HairContrast. This will be a great opportunity for all hairdresser to see the world that we work in.

Hair and Body Care Nordic is a distributor of salon hair products and articles. Our base consists of passion for sales, education and training. Your knowledge is essential when it comes to increasing the sales of your salon. Proficiency is to use knowledge and skills to solve a task. It is not enough just to know how to do – you need to show it and use it in practice. With our uncompromising approach to the quality of our products we only choose the absolute best products on the market.