Meet Jac Ludlow

Meet Jac Ludlow
June 7, 2019 Alexandra M
Jac Ludlow, speaker of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019.

Meet Jac Ludlow, speaker of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019!

We are proud to present the speaker of this year’s Barber Battle, the 28-year-old entrepreneur Jac Ludlow. Jac runs four barber shops in in Norway and UK, and runs an education company, Jac Ludlow Education.

“People look at me like I’m stupid when I tell them that I want to elevate their business, because of my age! However, age is just a number”, says Jac.

5 years ago, he lost everything due to unfortunate circumstances. Money was just one of the things. He was told he couldn’t get any financial support, which made him act fast. During the last five years he has opened four different shops, his latest on the most luxurious address in one of the most expensive cities in the world – Oslo.

Furthermore, Jac recently started an international education company, with focus on business elevation, where he creates strategic blueprints and education strategies based on every specific individual, to ensure that they turn their passion into profit.

“I want to help people understand that circumstances are temporary. I have developed a strategy which I believe can be adapted by anyone who shares my passion in this incredible industry that I owe so much.”

Jac’s intention is to elevate individuals who strive for what they deserve. He is very inspired by artists and tries to stretch people’s thinking:

“I want to help people clarify their vision and make things happen. I want you to harness the correct knowledge so that you understand how to execute your visions and turn them into art.”


We are very excited to see what Jac has to offer both during Copenhagen Barber Battle and on Live Stage together with Adee Phelan.