The Participants of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

The Participants of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019
June 2, 2019 Alexandra M
Participants of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

The Participants of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Eight brave barbers from all over the Nordics are gathering in Copenhagen on 9th June to compete in the first ever Copenhagen Barber Battle. Get to know them better before you experience the intense and raw show at the Battle Area on Nordic Hair Awards and Expo.

Moe Agha, Escape Barber Shop - Participant of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Moe Agha (NO)

Escape Barber Shop

Moe started his career ten years ago in Syria, it was the only trade out of many, that he was ever drawn to. He started at the age of 17 were he began sweeping floors. This didn’t last long as his passion gave him the drive to pursue his goals. For him it’s an honor to be part of the competition, as it confirms that his work ethnic has paid off. Moe looks forward to taking part and wishes good luck to all the competitors.

David Cardona-Alvarez, Big Jims Trims - Participant of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

David Cardona-Alvarez (NO)

Big Jims Trims

David represents Big Jims Trims Norway (London / Bergen) and Anchor Jack (Grooming Products). He is 35 years old, has roots from Colombia and have been barbering for about 4 years. David did a barbering course in London and have been working at Big Jims Trims for almost 2 years. His favourite haircut to do is a skinfade.

Anas Bakes, Rusty Rascals - Participant of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Anas Baker (SWE)

Rusty Rascals

Anas’ career originally started at the age of 12 with his first job at a barber shop. Since then his goal has always been to find new challenges, because this is something that always brings out the best out of him. Last year he was nominated to Stockholm’s best barber 2018 and also came in second in the Swedish national competition – Excellent work! Anas’ motto states: ”Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.

Amin Iranmanesh, Salong Randevu - Participant in Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019Amin Iranmanesh (SWE)

Salong Randevu

Amin is 37 and is born and raised in Iran-Kerman. He moved to beautiful Sweden in 2002 where he now lives together with his wife and two children. In Iran he studied to become a programmer, but when he came to Sweden, he had to leave that aside an got a job at a pizzeria. In 2007 he started his career in the hairdressing industry. As he quickly developed as a hairdresser, he got annoyed by the fact that men got very little space in the salons. This led to the idea of Randevu, the Gentlemen and Beautyshop, which turned out a success. Ravendu is now on its 4th year, and Amin has managed to achieve the title as The Best Barber in Sweden 2018 and was recently nominated for The Settler of the Year.

Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist, B. Børg & Co Barber Shop - Participant of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist (FIN)

B. Børg & Co Barber Shop

Jan-Magnus is 32 years old and lives in small harbor town called Pori in Finland. His life as he’s living it now started 8 years ago. He is now the owner of B.Børg & Co Barber Shop and is specialized in beard trimming. The techniques he uses are from Schorem Barbers mixed with Sassoon. Jan-Magnus has customers who travels up to 200 kilometers to take place in one of his chairs at the salon – Wow! He also works as a Scumbassador for Reutzel. Additional from his interest for grooming he is a big fan of Star Wars, Marvel and fantasy movies. (A real nerd according to himself!)

Zurab Ulardjichvili, The Barbershop Bar - Participant of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Zurab Ulardjichvili (DK)

The Barbershop Bar

Zurab, also referred to as Butcher is the owner of The Barbershop Bar in central Copenhagen. The salon is a combo concept with a barbershop up front and a speakeasy bar in the back. The idea of the shop came about 15 years ago, while starting up a seasonal cocktail bar on the beach in Copenhagen and at the same suffering a bad experience at a barber. After having connected the two dots, the idea of the concept store was born and fostered. During this time, he was a young daddy making carrier steps in retail management. In the beginning of 2016, the time had finally come. He threw himself at it, and despite all the hurdles as an entrepreneur, The Barbershop Bar came alive.



Christopher Mitchell, Henri - Participant in Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Christopher Mitchell (DK)


Christoffer, or Chriss, was originally a professional dancer in London. He switched careers to barbering 7 years ago and has never looked back! He now works at Henri Barbershop, on Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where he started 2017 after having worked in London, Tauranga in New Zealand and Malmö in Sweden. The Henri boys have embraced him like family, and he couldn’t be happier to make Denmark into his new home.

Kasim Moslem, Fratres M Barbershop - Participant in Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019

Kasim Moslem (DK)

Fratres M Barbershop

Kasim is 28 years old and has worked in the barber industry for almost 11 years. At the moment he owns FratresM barbershop on Vesterbro in Copenhagen together with his brother.

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