Schwarzkopf Professional Live Stage

Schwarzkopf Professional Live Stage
August 12, 2019 Patricia E

Schwarzkopf Professional

August 12, 2019

Schwarzkopf Professional and colour go hand in hand and at the Main Stage the Nordic Colour Team inspired the audience with a wide range of wearable, beautiful colours. The technical colour skills of the hairdressers accomplished perfectly natural end-results. The pallet moved from icy whites and soft pastels, through natural beige tones and on to copper and intensive reds.

The Main Stage show worked as a teaser for what the visitors could expect from the exclusive Live Stage show where Schwarzkopf had invited Essential Looks Global Ambassador for color; Lesley Jennison. At the Live Stage show, Lesley, together with the Nordic Creative Team, shared in-depth knowledge about the latest trends and techniques from Essential Looks.

The Essential Looks trend collection ”Creating Tomorrow’s Hair Today” with the three sub-trends; Luxe Vibe, Feminine Active and Self-made Youth, was the base for the show that displayed proudness of femininity, volume and the self-conscious sensualism of liberated women. The hairstyles presented were breath-taking examples of the long and mythical tradition of long and curly hair. The careful application of the finishing products made the heavy curls elastically flexible. The swaying movement of the hair was perfectly tuned with the walk of the models.

Each one represented 100 % Red carpet-glamour. Seldom has one seen hues as refined and deep as in this show.

Lina Warg and Pernilla Haglund demonstrated simple but powerful hairstyles at the Main Stage.


The colour pallet of the show moved from icy whites and soft pastels, through natural beige tones and on to copper and intensive reds.

Luxe Vibe is one of the trends in the latest Essential Looks Collection; Creating Tomorrow’s Hair Today.

Self-made Youth is a playful trend that is all about expressing yourself just the way that you want, no matter what everybody else thinks.


Swedish Johan Kristensen shared his perfected cutting techniques on stage.


The show that Schwarzkopf showed on Live Stage was an extension of their show on Main Stage. In the closed venue the audience got exclusive tips and in-depth knowledge about the trends and techniques.

Text: Camilla Svensson
Photo: Peter Bondo Gravesen