Schwarzkopf Professional – The reason why we sponsor

Schwarzkopf Professional – The reason why we sponsor
December 5, 2018 Alexandra M

Schwarzkopf Professional – The reason why we sponsor

Why have you chosen to be the sponsor of the Nordic Women’s Hairdresser of the Year category?
Schwarzkopf Professional has a passion for hair! A passion and partnership we share with hairdressers all over the world. The Nordics is a region with a lot in common where we can learn from each other and get inspired. With the competition and awards we get a chance to come together and it provides a playground for creative hairdressers to join the competition. We are proud to sponsor the Nordic Womens´s Hairdresser of the Year category and are looking forward to taking part of all contributions in Copenhagen.

Why is Nordic Hair Awards important for the industry?
It is important to give our industry attention and this event and award will contribute to that. To highlight all professional skills in the industry and to attract interest for our industry. It is valid to attract people to our profession, increase and keep the interest in hair, hair products, hair trends, hairstyles etc. and to long term secure investments in the industry. The event will give us a playground for this.

What do you do to boost the level of Nordic Hairdressers?
Twice every year we create Essential Looks which celebrates hairdressers’ passion for hair, for fashion and for the future, and encompasses it into the ultimate trend collection. The trend magazine with a step-by-step book and the Essential Looks app, help provide hairdressers with everything they need to enhance their creativity, maximize their skills and achieve salon success.

Why should hairdressers compete in Nordic Women’s Hairdresser of the Year?
For fun, for sharing the passion for hair, to invest some creativity into a nice contribution, to get a bigger audience and to invest in your future.

What can the hairdressers expect from you during the event?
Our Nordic Creative Team will give a colourful show. We expect to meet a lot of hairdressers from the Nordic region!


We are always REinventing hair. This is our mission. Every day, everywhere. We do it together. With a true passion for hair. With innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we have continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years; holding over 7,600 patents – each one a true milestone in haircare. The company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches all around the globe! Creating professional partnerships is at the core of what we do, it’s our philosophy and our point of difference. We co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else, truly putting the customer at the heart of our business.