Swedish champion won Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019!

Swedish champion won Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019!
June 13, 2019 Alexandra M
All finalists and judges at the final of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019.

Swedish champion won Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019!

Eight talented barbers from the four Nordic countries met at Nordic Hair Awards and Expo to compete for the winner title of the first ever Nordic barber battle, organized by Barber Supplier Nordic and Hair Magazine. The pulse was high and there was a masculine atmosphere when the four barber battles and the final were held in the industrial venue in Copenhagen.

Amin Iranmanesh and Anas Baker from Sweden, Moe Agha and David Cardona-Alvarez from Norway, Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist from Finland and Christopher Mitchell, Kasim Moslem and Zurab Ulardjichvili from Denmark had all been selected to compete in Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019. Some of the barbers had competed before, but for most of them it was the first time.

Zurab Ulardjichvili, Jac Ludlow and Jorge Oppé.

Zurab Ulardjichvili (DK) from The Barbershop Bar together with host Jac Ludlow judge and Jorge Oppé.

Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019 drew a big beard-interested audience.

The barber battles were popular among beard interested visitors.

Christopher Mitchell from Barbershop Henri in Copenhagen.

Christopher Mitchell (DK) from barber shop Henri.

The jury consisted of three well-known names from the industry; Kenneth Johnson (SWE) aka FreeSir2.0, Adee Phelan (UK) from SKNHEAD and Jorge Oppé (UK) from Oppé. Together they took on the difficult task of judging the barbers’ skills in beard trimming, based on seven different categories.

Many beard-interested people gathered around the cosy Barber Battle Area when the first duel started. Jac Ludlow (UK), director of Jac Ludlow Education and owner of Escape Barbershop in Oslo, hosted the show and led the audience through the exciting battles, while he also interviewed the participants and spoke about the industry.

Judge Kenneth Johnsson and host Jec Ludlow at Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019.

Judge Kenneth Johnsson, FreeSir2.0 and Jac Ludlow.

Moe Agha and judge Adee Phelan.

Moe Agha (NO), Escape Barber Shop together with judge Adee Phelan, founder of SKNHEAD.

Anas Baker from Rusty Rascals in Sweden.

Anas Baker (SWE) from Rusty Rascals working on his model.

After the four battles, Amin (SWE), Moe (NO), Kasim (DK) and Jan-Magnus (FIN) remained as the finalists, ready to step onto the Main Stage. Each finalist was assigned a model before the 30-minute count down started. It was without doubt an intense concentration among the barbers while the wild-grown beard models were trimmed, cut and styled.

” The Nordic style can easily be described by the word ”simplicity”, said the famous hair stylist Adee Phelan, who was one of the judges. Some time back the barber profession was just the poor edition of being a hairdresser, but that is not at all how it is today. “

Kasim Moslem owner of Fratres M Barbershop in Copenhagen.

Kasim Moslem from Fratres M Barbershop during the final battle.

Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist from salon B. Børg & Co Barber Shop in Finland

The only Finnish participant Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist from B. Borg & Co Barber Shop ended up on a second place. 

Amin Iranmanesh, winner of Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019.

Amin Iranmanesh from Salong Randevu, is now the Barber of the Year 2018 in Sweden and the winner of the first Copenhagen Barber Battle.

When the 30 minutes had past and it was time for the judges to appoint the winner, the excitement was excruciating. Despite the high level of all four barbers, the Swedish barber champ, Amin Iranmanesh from Salong Randevu in Gothenburg, won the 5.000 DKK, the trophy and a big goodie bag from SKNHEAD. Congratulations to Amin, who now holds both this winner title and the Best Barber of the Year 2018 in Sweden. Jan-Magnus came on second place, and Kasim and Moe on a shared third.

Kenneth Johnsson, who was the head judge, was very satisfied with the competition:
” I’m very happy about being given the chance to judge the first ever Nordic Barber Battle. It was an extremely demanding task since all eight barbers proved a very high level. But it was also very inspiring. We were three judges, with completely different backgrounds, who judged based on seven different categories, without having a clue about how the others distributed the scores. I already now look forward to next year’s event!

Text: Gunnhild Bjørnsti & Alexandra Malmborg
Photos: Carl D. Marshall

The winner Amin Iranmanesh together with Adee Phelan.

A happy winner together with Adee Phelan.

All participants in Copenhagen Barber Battle 2019:

Kasim Moslem, Fratres M Barbershop
Zurab Ulardjichvili, The Barbershop Bar
Christopher Mitchell, Henri

Jan-Magnus Lönnqvist, B.Borg & Co Barber Shop

Moe Agha, Escape Barber Shop
David Cardona-Alvarez, Big Jims Trims

Amin Iranmanesh, Salong Randevu
Anas Baker, Rusty Rascals

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Barber Supplier Nordic for helping us organize this fantastic barber competition.